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If you are a freelance designer, a design or marketing agency we can work together on this and many other projects. If you are an entrepreneur ready to start a new project i can help you to reach your goals.

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Cristian Rodríguez Cristian Rodríguez


Due to the fate of destiny, I came across programming and it has become one of my passions in which I have go through experiences full of satisfaction and learning that has taken me where I am today.

I was born in the city of Heredia, one of the provinces of my dear Costa Rica and since 2009 i`ve living in Mexico, a country that is my second home. From that moment I left a life behind and started a new adventure, I had no doubt that I was going to be successful in this new territory but the road has been long.

Shortly after arriving, I was entering the world of technology but because of my desire to know and create new things. I was leaning towards the programming area, I have learned everything I know on my own thanks to my desire to learn and to this wonderful time where information is only a click away. Programming is a great community where knowledge and experiences are shared, so I have to thank that I have learned a lot thanks to these types of communities.


During these last 10 years I have expanded my experience and knowledge in the area of programming and web development. I have specialized mainly in the development of websites and online platforms, working for important entrepreneurs and companies from various fields.

One of the areas in which I specialized has been both in the development of backend and frontend combined with my knowledge in systems administration has been a great help to carry out important projects.

In the backend area I have learned how the code works from scratch creating my own frameworks that combined with the development of APIs which are cery impoertants in the modern systems since it can be said that it is the standard of today.

In the frontend area, I believe that my greatest virtue is to meet the expectations of the designers and manage to translate to coding language their design as they did respecting proportions, colors and other specifications.

In the frontend I have great experience in the main frameworks such as Vuejs and AngularJs, as well as in new technologies such as Webpack, among others.


I like to travel, meet people, learn new things and face new challenges. I think the world is changing and we must move forward with it. The way we work and create new things is an example of this, with the internet and new technologies there are no limits or borders, they bring us closer and make it easier for us to interact.



My skills are divided into three areas: backend development, frontend development and administration of Unix-based systems mainly.

In frontend development I have worked with frameworks such as Angular and Vuejs, PHP template engines like Smarty, I also have experience with libraries such as JQuery, RequireJs and Webpack among others. In the visual part of the projects I use CSS preprocessors such as SASS using methodologies such as BEM in order to make the projects scalable and easy to maintain.

In the backend area I have mostly developed projects using PHP as programming language, although I have also worked in other occasions using programming languages such as Python, even though it is not intended to be a web development programming language I have worked using some known frameworks that implements this programming language. I have worked with some of the main PHP frameworks but for a while I chose to program my own framework on which I develop my projects. It is an object-oriented framework which allows me to easily create APIs or websites rendered from the server.

As part of my backend experience there is also the development and implementation of API Rest, whether they are my own or those of third parties such as implementation of payment gateways, mailings, SMS sending, remote data synchronization, among others.

Due to the need of implementing certain systems, enable programming environments or implement APIs, I have developed my skills in managing Unix-based systems, gaining extensive experience in their management, maintenance, security and implementation of new functionalities.

As far as I can highlight, I have acquired experience and skill in the frontend development area, being something positive for me since most of the designers with whom I have collaborated have liked it since their designs are reflected almost identically in programming, respecting proportions, colors, sizes which are important to them.


Let’s work together

Why not? Commerce and business now are globals.

Are you a freelance designer, a design, marketing or advertising agency? are you looking for someone to help you develop that project? You are at the right place, I have more than 8 years of experience working together with designers and agencies at developing websites and other systems and projects.

Currently I am working on national and international projects either independently or in conjunction with designers and agencies from the north, center and south of Mexico. There is no need of meetings or visits, we all work together connected through phone calls or via Internet through the countless means of communication that today exist.

It is likely that you have had a bad experience when you did not get what you were waiting for. Maybe the programmer no longer appears or he was not really a programmer and could not finish that project. I guarantee that this situation will not happen with me. In my case the projects will be finished and if necessary follow up will be provided in case you or the client requires it. The interface will be as the one designed and you will get a product you will be satisfied and proud. I am a committed and responsible person in both the work and personal spheres.

If you are an entrepreneur or company looking for who can help you develop a new project or improve a existing one, I can also help you with it. We can work on an interface and a design for your system or website either through your favorite designer or I can recommend you the right one for that project.

I am a commitment person and responsible both in the laboral and the personal sphere.

Headquarter based on Culiacán, Sinaloa

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